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Charlie preparing nucs in the apiary.

Charlie Metz is our adept beekeeper with over 20 years of experience. He maintains and manages the finest honeybees, providing high-quality local honey and hive nucs so you can start/expand your own! 🐝 Charlie is best reached at his phone number and email address. Order Request Forms are found below, submitted orders are directly sent to Charlie via email. Please allow several business days for a response to an order. We are busy bees in spring!🌷

πŸ“© crmetz500@frontier.com

πŸ“² 304-692-4981

Nucs and Honey Available!

🐝 Nucs

Over-Wintered Queen$120
New Queen$140

🍯 Honey

Honey Bear (16 fl.oz)$7
1 lb. $10
Contact for quantities larger than 1 lb.$

πŸ₯€Custom Honey Comb Tumbler (Different designs available upon request)

$30 (Hand-Wash Only!)

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